IRFA advocates for biodiesel blends amidst Iowa diesel shortages

In Iowa, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association released a reminder for diesel users and suppliers that using cleaner-burning, homegrown biodiesel can help stretch tight supplies. With diesel shortages, IRFA Executive Director Monte Shaw stated that “High-quality biodiesel blends ranging from B5 to B20 can be used and treated just as No. 2 diesel throughout the winter. Several Iowa biodiesel producers have supplies that can be shipped to a fuel terminal or jobber today.”

“I’m currently using B20 to push snow and keep my farm operation moving throughout the colder months,” stated Denny Mauser, a farmer from Early, Iowa and board member of Western Iowa Energy in Wall Lake, Iowa. “Using biodiesel right now will not only help alleviate the tight supply issues, but it will also support American jobs, energy security and a cleaner environment. That’s a win-win for Iowa.”»