Oranges outplay their role in diet, producing biodiesel

In the future, oranges will not only be a reliable source of Vitamin C, but might serve for propelling purposes as well.

A group of scientists from Mie Univeristy, Japan set up a new experiment, making biodiesel from oranges. The final product was praised by the researchers who said it’s extremely efficient and not at all corrosive. They say in the near future, trucks or tractors may run on it, since it’s less harmful to the engine than regular biodiesel made from corn.

The team has been working on the project for more than one year and benefited from an abundant crop of oranges frequently occurring in the small city of Mihama. The local press reported that the scientists mixed regular fuel with the new biodiesel and managed to power up a 14 kg vehicle, which the experts say is a remarkable achievement.»