IncBio Announces New Headquarters to Accommodate Growth

Porto, Portugal – November 4th, 2014: IncBio, a leading Portuguese engineering company, who specializes in state of the art fully automated industrial ultrasonic Biodiesel plants, today announced that it has secured new offices in Maia, Portugal, a move to accommodate growth. IncBio expects the move to be complete during 1st quarter 2015.

IncBio's new location has an office space over 1.400 square meters / 15.000 square feet and an industrial manufacturing warehouse with 3.200 square meters / 34.500 square feet, located in a land plot of over 2 hectares / 5 acres. It has plenty of room to accommodate all the current employees, and the expected expansion for the next few years. All the extra space in the land plot will enable IncBio to develop in the same location other projects, to be announced in the near future.

As the building is somewhat degraded, it requires a lot of repair work, and also work to adapt the location to IncBio’s needs. The work is expected to take 4 months to be completed, with the manufacturing moving in first, before the end of 2014.

Biodiesel Technology Leaders

José Marques, CEO of IncBio said: “IncBio has been looking for a new office location for some time now, due to our strong growth during 2013 and 2014. With this new location, we are able to increase our manufacturing capacity, building more than 2 plants at the same time, which is our current limit.”
With their staff in mind, Jose Marques also said “This move also enable us to provide better work conditions for our engineering team. Our current office was getting very tight, and we need to quickly expand our engineering team, before the end of the year, and we expect to double it before the end of 2015.”

About IncBio

IncBio, founded in Portugal in 2006, has grown to become one of the largest Biodiesel equipment providers in the world, providing large scale Biodiesel equipment with ultrasonic Biodiesel reactors, a pioneering equipment which will revolutionize the Biodiesel industry in years to come.

From design, engineering, consultancy and construction, IncBio is able to assist clients in as little or as much as they require. From retrofitting of existing units with state-of-the-art ultrasonic or multifeedstock technology to design, manufacture and start-up of complete industrial units, IncBio is ideally placed to turn a Bio-project into reality.

2014 has been a year of strong growth for IncBio, with a large increase in total revenue for the third year running. With contracts already secured for the next two years, the company has secured an expected growth of over 300% for 2015.