IncBio has received a firm order to supply an 8,000MT/year Biodiesel Plant for Greece

IncBio, a leading Portuguese engineering company, who specializes in state of the art fully automated industrial ultrasonic biodiesel plants, has signed a contract with SPA Renewables S.A, to supply an 8,000MT per year Biodiesel plant, to be installed in Corinth, Greece.

This plant will use IncBio’s ultrasonic reactors to produce EN14214 Biodiesel from Used Cooking Oil (UCO), collected locally. This will be one of the most advanced and efficient transesterification plants in the world, based on IncBio’s technology parameters: small footprint, low cost and high efficiency, through the use of technology which is both innovative and widely proven in biodiesel production plants globally.

IncBio expects the plant to be complete by the end of February 2015.

About IncBio

Founded in Portugal in 2006, the company since has grown to become the largest biodiesel equipment provider in the country. Since 2008, the company started working on the construction of large scale biodiesel equipment, with ultrasonic biodiesel reactors, a pioneering equipment which will revolutionize the biodiesel industry in years to come.

From design, engineering, consultancy and construction, IncBio is able to assist clients in as little or as much as they require. From retrofitting of existing units with state-of-the-art ultrasonic or multifeedstock technology, to design, manufacture and start-up of complete industrial units, IncBio is ideally placed to turn a Bio-project into reality.

About SPA Renewables S.A

SPA Renewables S.A is a new company specializing in the collection and processing of Used Cooking Oil into biodiesel during the initial stage, with a further upgrade already planned for high FFA feedstock with the aim of improving the business’ financials. The first project is supported by both the local and national governments, with a potential for further projects to be developed in future throughout Greece.

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