Honolulu city council adopts resolution for biodiesel initiative

On Sept. 10, the Honolulu City Council adopted a resolution requesting the development of a biodiesel initiative for the city’s existing mass transit diesel vehicles.

Introduced by Stanley Chang, Chair of the Committee on Public Works and Sustainability, resolution 14-169 passed through committee late last month for the full Council’s consideration. “I am excited to see that the Honolulu City Council has taken the right step in expanding biodiesel use within the City’s transportation services,” Chang said. “The passing of this resolution demonstrates the Council’s commitment to making Honolulu a more environmentally friendly city.”

The City and County of Honolulu have a commendable track record with biodiesel. Since 2004, the City has successfully integrated B20 biodiesel in a large segment of its municipal fleet, including waste collection trucks. In 2012, the city completed a pilot project with 20 of its fixed route buses. The adoption of resolution 14-169 will allow the Department of Transportation and the City to look to further the use of biodiesel in TheBus and TheHandi-Van fleets comprised of more than 650 vehicles.