EU closer to record rapeseed crop as French harvest starts

The European Union is moving closer to a record rapeseed crop after favorable weather continued in the final weeks of the growing season and initial harvesting in major producer France confirmed good yields.

Rapeseed, like other field crops in the EU, has enjoyed favorable growing conditions that allowed successful sowing, a safe passage through winter and healthy growth in spring.

Some forecasters predicted a month ago a record rapeseed harvest and analysts have since raised their outlook as conditions have remained mostly clement.

French-based ODA said it raised its EU forecast this week to 22.5 million tonnes from 21.8 million last month, further surpassing a previous EU high of 21.6 million in 2009, while EU grain lobby Coceral on June 20 projected the crop at 22.8 million tonnes, up from its March forecast of 21.1 million.»