IncBio has delivered a 120,000MT/year Ultrasonic Reactor for South America

Porto, Portugal – June 16th 2014: IncBio, a leading Portuguese engineering company, who specializes in state of the art, fully automated ultrasonic Biodiesel plants, has delivered a 120,000MT per year ultrasonic transesterification reactor to be installed in South America.

The reactor will be used in an existing plant originally supplied by one of the largest biodiesel plant manufacturers in the world, but due to the outdated designed the plant was producing very inefficiently, the addition of IncBio’s ultrasonic reactor will very significantly increase the efficiency, whilst lowering the operation costs of the plant.

José Marques, IncBio’s CEO said: “By updating the existing technology, our client is bringing its plant back to profitability, something with which most outdated plants are currently struggling with. Ultrasonic reactors not only speed up the conversion, by causing a reaction in seconds vs the typical hours of agitation or recirculation, but because they also require lower amounts of methanol and catalyst, ultrasonic biodiesel reactors exponentially improve the financials of existing plants. By reducing reaction time, and methanol consumption,

we greatly reduce energy consumption (mostly reducing the volume of methanol to be distilled). We are seeing the interest in our technology growing by the day and this is not surprising, since existing plants are struggling to turn a profit, mostly because they are using 20th century technology, at a time when we’re already well into the 21st century and the technology has moved on substantially. The reactors end up paying for themselves very quickly, with the typical payback time being measured in months, not years.”

About IncBio
Founded in Portugal in 2006, the company since has grown to become the largest Biodiesel equipment provider in the country. Since 2008, the company started working on the construction of large scale Biodiesel equipment, with ultrasonic Biodiesel reactors, a pioneering equipment which is revolutionizing the Biodiesel industry.

From design, engineering, consultancy and construction, IncBio is able to assist clients in as little or as much as they require. From retrofitting of existing units with state-of-the-art ultrasonic or multifeedstock technology, to design, manufacture and start-up of complete industrial units, Incbio is ideally placed to turn a Bio-project into reality.»