Community Fuels Gets $4.9 Mil to Expand Biodiesel

A California biodiesel refinery has received a $4.9 million state grant to expand its biodiesel operation. Biodiesel Magazine reports Community Fuels picked up the California Energy Commission grant for its Port of Stockton biorefinery.

“Community Fuels’ biorefinery was specifically designed to allow for multiple phases of expansion,” said Lisa Mortenson, co-founder and CEO of Community Fuels. “This important grant will enable our team to expand our production capabilities to meet the anticipated demand for low carbon fuels expected as a result of the California low carbon fuel standard (LCFS).”

Chris Young, director of operations for Community Fuels, said, “Through years of dedicated effort we successfully commissioned and optimized our biorefinery which has a reputation for producing one of the highest quality biomass-based diesel fuels in the nation. That work will contribute greatly to our ability to install and commission this next phase of expansion. With this new project, we will maintain our focus on quality and compliance.”